Leigh-Anne Aiken is the CEO and founder of SHS Global. As a 25-year veteran of the live event production industry she has forged close personal relationships with a variety of individuals, production companies, and manufacturers around the world. She is responsible for negotiating mutually beneficial agreements between parties and executing contracts.Type your paragraph here.

Leigh-Anne Aiken
Los Angeles Office
Global Operations
​Direct - 512-736-3242

Gustavo Arreola
​​Latin America Office
Regional Sales Manager
Direct  + 52 1 833 328 718​gustavo@shsglobal.com

Andy Cass
Austin Office
CEO TourPro Lighting 
COO SHS Global
Marketing Director
Direct +713-459-5931

" We are experienced industry professionals who specialize in live event production technology. As a customer, you can expect friendly, helpful, and personal service by industry veterans with extensive support for our clients around the world."

Our Company

We are a professional company with a deep-rooted network in production supply and support across the globe. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible products, along with outstanding service and support for our clients. Our staff has over 120 years combined industry experience in technology development, manufacturing, sales and support.Type your paragraph here.

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